Hello again,

I think cinematography com forum members have long forgotten knowledge about yvar lenses , 13mm f:1.9 came to me and it has two rings , one for focus , other one is aperture. Its in excellent shape but I dont have an idea it is colliminated - new term to me-. I read at somewhere ,each lens colliminated for each camera , we might need not to swap the lenses on the camera , come and tell the ebay sellers and buyers.

I received the camera , it is working like an watch and 8 fps to 64 fps variable , I think - there is a chart on the camera - it changes from 1/17 second to 1/160 seconds shutter speeds. I need an empty spool and an cable release and adapter but no luck until now.

ic racer , for correct you there are least 5 sellers of color and bw fresh film on regular 8 mm format. If I am lucky , I will start to try the camera in a month after the clearing my need list.

I decided to try first roll with a distance meter and a notebook. I will try to fix any problem with focus differences after first film roll came to me.

Camera has differentiable view finder you can adapt to lens.

And I need a light meter. Above four costs me equivalent amount of money to body price.

For 12 dollars , and 40 dollars development fee , you can take 2000 may be 2500 frames . I think I can buy postal stamp collector sleeves and collect all 15 meter film been cut 15 cms pieces in stamp collector book. Sleeves made for securing small to bigger stamps and there is also transparent Lighthouse branded - Germany - sleeves to collect the big carnets opened. For each sleeve opening , its possible to put all 15 cms film non cut from the middle. And for each A4 plastic , there are 8 or so sleeves. Bad thing about them , stamps dances in the sleeves if you dont put them upright at your room.

Body came with original purchase box and the original documents signed at early 1950s.


I have 40X stamp engraving print microscope with light at the side.