Good evening,
thanks for all the replies, comments and assistance. I have hopefully attached a photo of this large enlarger which was removed from a newspaper printroom some years ago, i bought it from a journalist who used it. As i am new to LF enlargers, its how the upper parts work, that i am particularly interested in - the image shows both bellows extended. The 2 condensers, both in perfect condition, are present and in place but I only have a Schneider componon 50mm F2.8 enlarging lens at the moment to test with but will be looking for a longer focal length lens (any suggestions?) to enable MF (6x6) printing soon. The spring is very strong and after having freed the bearings that were seized, it glides nicely up and down the column with effective brakes. there is also a compartment just below the lamp housing which i assume is for large filters but an not 100% certain of this.
regards and thanks again.