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Hello again,

I think cinematography com forum members have long forgotten knowledge about yvar lenses , 13mm f:1.9 came to me and it has two rings , one for focus , other one is aperture. Its in excellent shape but I dont have an idea it is colliminated - new term to me-. I read at somewhere ,each lens colliminated for each camera , we might need not to swap the lenses on the camera , come and tell the ebay sellers and buyers.
Hmm. The point of standard lens mounts (in the small gauge cine world, D-mount, C-mount, H8RX-mount) is to make lenses interchangeable without requiring collimation to a particular camera. Kern and Bolex worked to high standards. If I were you I wouldn't worry about having the lens collimated to your camera until you have good evidence -- fuzzy images shot with distance measured with a tape, lens focused using its focusing scale, camera on a tripod, subject nailed down -- that it has to be done.

Stop worrying and start shooting!

Re worry, some years ago my wife and I spent a few days in Ajo, Arizona. Ate every evening in what we thought was Ajo's only decent restaurant. It had a young waitress, sort of cute in a blonde pouty-faced top-heavy way, with a bad attitude. One day she wore a sweatshirt with the message "I am always right. You are always wrong." Welcome to the club of the always wrong and stop worrying.