Thank you Dan and ic-racer.

Dan, thank you clearing my mind. I was worrying about collimination and I dont know how repair shops fix it , may be they have a way to adjust the mount. And repairing a bolex camera costs starts 12 times than the camera. I must say ic-racer is a better researcher than me , I never seen 1999 at their website. By the way I learned 1.8 is 4 elements and 1.9 is 3 elements design. FOMA reversal development kit costs 35 euros and may be more shipping expense. I asked cinematography com about availability of pretesting a roll end to decide on development times and they say only few does it in the world. I dont know who ?

I made an calculation , 35mm film has 16 megapixels if I am not wrong 30 mb or so information. If I am using 1/7 of the 35 mm , it makes 4 megabytes of information per frame. I put my images 500 kb to the gallery. Does it make I can put same quality image with 35mm image more compressed with less compression of 8 mm frame ?