This is very interesting discussion and i'll chuck my few pence in...
there are some new dyes up in the Tate Modern in London part of a new set of prints from the book Chromes, so previously unseen.
i think the edition was printed by guy stricherz.
they are 16x20" prints.
apparently some are from Kodachrome and others from Ektachrome stock and this can be guessed in a few of the prints. also strangely some of the prints vary noticeably from the same images seen the recent Chromes publication and not always for the better. I remember seeing a similar recent edition of Bruce Davidson Subway and a friend saying to me that these are good prints from some tricky originals, similarly there are some tricky looking prints here, i'd love to know more about why that is?
the majority are lovely.
much more interestingly is the fact that this was a major investment project too, tax breaks involved etc.and that the powers that be decided that the best (aesthetically? economically? both?) way to produce these prints was still dye transfer.
from what i hear there were dye prints made for Eggleston in the past that weren't top quality for various reasons, it was a much more commercial process in it's heyday so possible.
we are lucky enough to be attempting to move into hybrid-dye transfer, we have a stock of the Efke matrix (sorry ctein we can't buy your pan-matrix as we are "skint" and need to buy a neg writer) and are currently building a new space from too smaller darkrooms, as for paper we have a long way to go.