The issue that I have is the only c-41 devs available to me are in powder form (Canada) which means I have to suffer with blix. With last batch I developed, it took me a few months before I had a chance to look at them. Too late, the blue-bleach-bypass set in. Without the ability to get CD-4 shipped to me, I am stuck with them. What I can do is mix my own bleach and use a separate fix.

What I have is 5 lbs of hypo. What I use is ....

Water (125F/52C) 500 ml
Sodium thiosulfate 250 g*
Sodium sulfite (anhy) 10 g
Sodium metabisulfite 25 g**
Cold water to make 1000 ml

Which also fixes tmax quite well.

I don't have the stuff for a traditional C-41 fix now, but that can be easily obtained. I was more concerned about side effects that I was not aware of.