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I've been using screens for a while now with no issues, prints go on screen face up.

I do not squeegee. I lean the dripping print on the screen at a steep, almost straight up angle for about 10 minutes to let most of the water run off. Then I put the screen in the rack and let it dry for about a day.

I use a dry mount press to flatten the prints after they are already dry, by putting a print between two clean mat boards when the press is cool... Turning it on for a few minutes (just warm, not hot), then turning it off and leaving it for most of a day.

The prints come out "almost" flat... I have seen some flatter prints come to me in the LFF print exchange. So I know there is a better way.
Thanks Bill. I hear a lot of people using "face down on screen" approach with success so I don't know what happened in my case. Do you use hardening fixer?

The prints in question were MGIV WT FB. I squeegeed the water off and lay them face down on the screen. This is the first time I have ever done that. I usually dry on screens, but not face down. They curl, of course, but I put them in a dry mount press which takes most of that out. I was just trying different methods to see if I could shorten the flattening time.