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Sorry, my post is kinda long, but I want to give people the info they need for useful answers. I tried to be thorough to prevent having to navigate my needs all the way through the thread.

I am newish to medium format, and haven't really been shooting film very long (8 months), but I hope long enough to know a bit more about what I am looking for. I have been studying cameras and film nightly for my own enrichment.

For medium format, I want to be able to shoot a few types of lenses, and really like having 2 or three lenses, nothing above 50mm, with me for my 35mm cameras. I just recently stumbled on a Tokina 17mm FD mount (for 20 bucks!) and that inspired me to upgrade from an AE-1P to the older EF body. I have a couple folders: an Isolette 1 6x6 (awesome) and an old Agfa 6x9 PB20 (was a mess of light leaks and has very limited exposure range, meh.) I enjoy using my YashicaMat 124 after fixing it.

You can see that my current MF stuff is fixed lens. I take the Isolette and the Canon with 3 lenses if I am on foot, but with the stroller its like driving a truck full of cameras and a baby just happens to be there. I would like to be able to put a multi lens MF system together and just take that for foot travel.

  • I would love to get something that would let me shoot close to the 17mm equivalent Tokina but guess that is not possible, cheaply anyway. How about 24mm equivalent?
  • I am also fond of the ability to use 220 film as my developer charges the same money for 120 or 220!
  • 645 6x6 6x7 6x9 all OK with me.
  • Swappable film backs look great, but they are not a necessity.
  • Waist level finders are fine
  • larger format cameras with roll film backs are fine too because they fold up pretty small.

I have seen in person:
  • C330, but they are too big for my needs, sheesh!
  • Kowa super66 seem a bit finicky and limited availability.
  • Hasselblad, $$$$$$$$$$
  • Mamiya RZ67 seems OK, a little big, and I dont know that much about the lenses

Never touched, but seem interesting.
  • Praktica or Pentacon six cameras look big but have several lenses available.
  • Mamiya 23 multi lens system, weird looking but so what
  • Mamiya 6 or 7, I cant touch them for the money $$$$$
  • Busch pressman D or similar look very interesting!
  • Something 2x3 or 4x5 with a roll back would be fine, but I have no idea about wide angle lenses here.
  • A simple box camera (homemade even) with a lens would be fine too! I could carry 3 of them and get varying lenses that way. hmmmm...?

I have my own small, low tech machine shop, and don't mind digging deep into a camera to fix something or making something up. I cant afford perfect, fancy and highly sought after equipment. However, I don't want to have to do this every time I put a roll through the camera; if I can fix it once and use it for a year or two, that sounds fine. Almost all my cameras have been through this anyway.

What would you guys suggest. I am cheap, I cant afford a Hassy, I don't want some complicated electronic gizmo and an unrepairable, crappy Russian camera collection is not something I want.

Thanks! I know its a lot to read through and think about!
it's very hard to beat the Mamiya6 in quality and portability. as far as $$$ goes.. well photography never was a hobby of the poor, but keep in mind that Mamiya's resale values are great too