Dear Group

I stumbled on the APUG site yesterday, while surfing for info on medium format cameras. I find it incredible that I missed APUG for so long!!

This post is primarily to say hello to my fellow Australasian and general group members and introduce myself.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and I am a very new enthusiastic medium format photographer, following acquisition of an old Mamiya C3! I am currently overseas, taking photographs from my C3, when I realised that the shutter is 'sticky' at lower shutter speeds and there is a reasonable amount of dust in the viewfinder (also found that if the viewfinder was a bit more brighter that would have been ideal).

Currently I am planning to get my C3 cleaned when I get back to Melbourne. Would anyone in the group have advise regarding cleaning and refurbishing a Mamiya C3 in Melbourne? And is there a way to change/replace the focusing screen to a brighter focusing screen? Thank you for your knowledge and consideration.

I am waiting to read the posts and participate in the forum, with my very limited experience and soak up your collective wisdom.

Thank You

With warmest regards