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Mike C, I'll be glad to see your photos. My husband spent 17 years in trucks, so be sure to include details.

Matt - of course ferries are included. Are you coming over to the island for a visit?

Stone - what's wrong with train pictures? http://www.apug.org/gallery1/showima...mageuser=17089

Ned,thanks. Looking forward to seeing yours.

Ektagraphic, focus away, it'll be great to have some new blood in the MSA.


Was just sort of kidding, they are so interesting so there are many photos, but because of this, trains seem overdone to a certain extent. Just like nudes or pet images, it's like, we all love them, but at the same time it's like... Oh here we go another cute cat licking it's pet dog... Haha

Obviously I'm guilty of shooting all subject types mentioned so I say this with irony

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