Century Universal 8x10 camera
$1250 or best reasonable offer

Very similar to another of these cameras I offered up a few weeks ago, this is a working camera, not a museum piece. It has dents and scrapes consistent with its age and long use, but it's functioning well and is ready to be used to make photographs.

I dismantled and gave the body and all the parts a thorough cleaning, then put a few coats of tung oil varnish on it to protect the wood and the remaining finish, and got the result I wanted. The deep color the cherry wood attained over the years has been retained and is protected by the oil finish.

Amazingly, I checked the bellows and found no light leaks. Additionally, it's still supple and shows no sign of dryness. There is no delamination; in fact, the bellows seems to have hardly any wear at all. It's a leather pattern-embossed vinyl and overall could last for years with proper cautious care. It extends to almost 29 inches and compresses to about two inches.

The inside of the bellows did have evidence of exposure to moisture, in that it seems that spores had grown over time. Because the bellows was folded, this appeared mainly at the inside folds and this was easy to clean off. The inside of the bellows still shows some staining, more like mild bleaching, but the fabric is intact.

The camera has full movements front and rear: Front rise and fall, swing and shift; rear swing and tilt. It even has some rear rise if you need it. All controls work as they should and lock down tight.

I replaced the leather handle with a new, hand-made one of very strong "oak tanned" leather.

This camera is fairly light at 9 lbs 10.5 oz. (according to my digital scale), much lighter than other 8x10s I've used, and is easier to carry too.

Dimensions are about 12" x 12" x 4-3/4. So the package size and weight would be 16 x 16 x 9 and about 11lbs 3oz, from Zip Code 90027.

Please Note: I wait for Paypal to clear to my bank account before shipping; this takes about 3-4 days.

A full set of 23 pictures -- taken both indoors and outdoors -- can be seen at:


But here are some pictures to get things rolling: