Hi guys.

I have been asked rather "last minute" and I only have ISO100 film in stock, so I can't get faster film now unfortunately.

And I only have the 80mm and the 150mm and that's that at the moment.

What I'm more unsure about is how to use the flash under these kind of conditions, which I've not done before.

For example, with the Metz 45 CL-4, how do you set it to "full power"? It has a series of auto modes for f2.8 - f16, a TTL mode (that I use with my Nikon F5) and a series of manual settings - M, M1\2 and M1\4.

I understand that if I set the dial to f8 on the flash that should emit enough power to light up from 7 to 15feet or thereabouts, but if my handheld Sekonic light meter reports the natural light scene to be, say, 1 second at f8 at ISO100, I don't understand how I manage\adjust the flash to make it f8 at 1\125 sec, which will ensure better sharpness?