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Ian, do you have the information to know if the 9x12 and 10x15 Bergheils used the same shutter sizes, and/or what those sizes were? It shouldn't be too hard to find some of those lenses, especially the Skopar, in shutter at a decent price, but it might be kind of a crapshoot to try to get a shutter that fits the bayonet without an adapter.

The BJPA adverts don't say what sized shutters and the images are Dial-set Compur shutters which weren't standard compared to later rimset Compurs, so that'll be an issue as well,

A 135mm or 150mm is standard for 9x12 cameras, I'd expect a Skopar to be similar to a Tessar where the 135mm & 150mm are both in rimset Compur #1's, but a 165mm f4.5 is in a larger shutter, usually a Compound.

So it's likely to be a bit hit & miss.