Hello Stan,

Thank you again for sharing your experience with different papers. I might have mentioned this before but the feedback from a professional printer like yourself means a lot. And not just for me I believe, everyone can look and see your evaluation of specific papers.
It is always a great pleasure to hear that SA treatment works well for many people.

I have noted down this paper, although I can't buy it locally, I plan to get some to test with other processes. I can't do pt/pd yet.

BTW, I have tested fabriano artistico traditional white 300gsm HP, it was no different than 200gsm version (used the back side of the paper again). The paper is not the best choice in the dmax department but it is a good paper if a slightly yellowish base is desired. Also I had limited test/experience with arches watercolor papers too, they also work quite well with the new cyanotype, I got very deep blues after SA treatment.


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Hi Serdar, I just got a dMax of 1.46 on rives bfk 90lb, coated on back of paper with a long brushing time (over and over) forced humidity 80% for 10 minutes before exposure.

Thank you once again for sharing your discovery, it is opening up a bunch of different kinds of paper previously thought as un-printable...