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Have you tried this yourself Dan ?

I have 3 electronic shutters and need to make controllers this winter.

Sorry, Ian, I haven't.

I have just two Ilex electronic shutters.

A #3 that was part of an oscilloscope camera with an integrated controller. I've never got around to cutting metal, reassembling the controller in a box, adding an inverter plus battery box for field use. Haven't measured the DC voltage the AC power supply puts out, multimeter died and hasn't been replaced yet. Don't really need it, there's an oscillo-Paragon in it (good for little) and I don't have any other cells that will fit the shutter. I've tried the thing out, it functions but runs at least one stop slow at all speeds (4, 2, 1, 1/2, ... , 1/125). I bought it because of the indicated 1/125 top speed, which is unbelievably fast for an Ilex electronic.

And a sort of #00 Ilex electronic (badged OptoDynetics, threaded like a Compur #00 but with shorter tube than the 00 standard) that I've never hooked up to the controller. I have no idea whether the 'scope camera's controller's voltages are right for the little 'un.