"Crusader Rabbit" Reporting back to duty! Has everyone forgotten about Sand's SDA3057? This stuff, suggested by PE about 5 years ago, really works. Pricy at about $400/gram after Convenience Fee and taxes. But TIME is money too. After spending some time with 2 cheaper red sensitive dyes, I am giving serious consideration to just suspending my search for a cheaper red sensitive dye and biting the bullet for $400.
I am not getting younger and my research needs to be showing some images, not just talk.
I have just finished taking a class in Layered glass fusing. I am gonna stop gluing my layers together and start fusing them together. This will require a reliable panchro emulsion.
I will report more as I progress. But, for full color images I will need to abandon water color pigments in favor of fineable Frit. I intend to load a panchro emulsion with Cyan, magenta or yellow Frit. For those who are not familiar with Warm Glass Working, Frit is pigment dispersed in glass and ground. It is usually used in free hand art on glass, or screen printed on glass. But I intend to photo image it onto glass before firing it in 4-16 layers. I will be using Pt/Pd/Au for the grayscale portions of this work.
Who would ever consider placing a piece of art on paper anyway? Paper belongs to the trees!