Bought a YashicaMat first and then moved to Rolleiflex. Have two now, one is an MXV Automat circa 1954 and the other is a Tele-Rolleiflex from around 1960. Still have all three along with several Ikoflexes. Enjoy them all immensely though I am nowhere near mastering any of them. I cannot seem to live without the view in that glass.

In the meantime I have owned a Mamiya 645. It never worked quite right, I think it was about used up by the time I got it. Sold that, bought a Hassy 501CM. The pix were fine but I sold that and bought a Pentax 645Nii. Most of my best shots have come with the Pentax but I am addicted to the Rolleis so I keep using them.

I keep telling myself I could live only with a Rollei and a 645Nii, and maybe one day I will.