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I checked ebay and minolta 16 camera is less than 15 dollars but image quality is similar to other japanese optics, basically I look for rock solid images whether it was 4 postal stamp size or so. I found flickr images as foggy , low contrast and dull. And I never could not agree with Double X. I found someone put paillard yvar on pentax digital camera and there is 100 years of image quality difference. I think I must save for release cable. I liked the viewfinder of Bolex. I have nothing to lose after all , biggest buy been bought. If the lens or camera have an error , I sell it at Germany ebay and buy a minox but I have a Leica Mini Zoom and Rollei 35S and buying big roll of film and develop at home is cheaper and better.
Mustafa, before you condemn "japanese optics" you should educate yourself about how good they are and aren't. I know that you've drunk the Leica koolaid and are resistant to reality, but broad generalizations such as you've just made are too much.

I don't know why, but you seem to have fixed on the idea that the cost of film holds you back from doing something that's important to you. Smaller formats use less film, therefore Mustafa should use smaller formats. Smaller formats can't match larger ones for image quality and getting the best they can give is difficult.

Why don't you take a cold shower or swim the Bosporus or do something else to release tension and then reconsider how best to attain your goals given your resources? As is, you've set yourself up for continuous frustration.

There are good reasons why no one uses small gauge cine cameras to shoot stills (except, of course, for animation work) and why very few people use even half-frame 35 mm cameras very much. Half-frame 35 mm never really caught on. Reflect on why it didn't.

And while you're reflecting, contemplate why I never used my Super 8 Beaulieus (that have superlative optics) to shoot stills. I had the opportunity. Why didn't I take it? Please don't tell me that I'm stupid or ignorant. Also contemplate why I never shot 16 mm (hint: cost, weight, size).