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Thanks for all the responses. I ordered A&I mailers from B&H. While browsing around B&H I found it interesting that the Kodak PK-36 mailers for E-6 or Kodachrome 35mm are now priced at $8.99, unless that's an error on B&H's site. Seems like I last bought some at B&H a year or so ago and they were at or just under $5. I think I get Kodak's message loud and clear.
I believe Kodak sends to Dwayne's in Kansas, which is the only K14 lab they refer to in the US. Using Dwayne's direct, a single roll of Kodachrome is $8.50 plus shipping, I think. So Kodak's $8.99 charge simply reflects the actual retail charge. I don't think there's any "message" here.

"PLEASE don't take my Kodachrome away."