I cheat by using a laser printer in conjunction with PS and print directly onto fibre base paper. By using all the tools in PS along with good scanning methods and then using wet , bleaching, toning to get the look I am after.

I am also cheating by making enlarged custom negatives to size on silver film and then contact printing onto silver , pt pd , gum and carbon. This allows me to work with digital capture and produce alternative prints, which btw silver is now an alternative.

I have alos cheated by using colour correction filters in my hands , dodging tools, burning tools to adjust colour areas, enhance colour areas.

I have cheated by using the contour mapping system on large film in the past by making layers of tissue over areas of an image that need dodging, I have also put cut out filters in areas to increase contrast in areas of a print. The trick is to be very careful.

My first job was at a custom portrait studio where my old boy would cheat by using the red liquid to dodge areas that needed to be lightened.

In my Cibachrome days, I was hired to cheat by making complex highlight protection/contrast reducing masks which is something that I think the best Cibachrome printers all had to be able to do to survive.

I also could cheat by using duraclear or fujiclear in my Ra 4 process and make separation negatives to help build up or reduce areas of density... I think this is somewhat like what is being discussed by using pictorico and ink on film, to be used with a negative. These two methods I have not used btw as I am working with silver film to do the same thing.

It seems I have been cheating my whole career, please do not tell my wife.