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Sorry, my post is kinda long, but I want to give people the info they need for useful answers. I tried to be thorough to prevent having to navigate my needs all the way through the thread.

I am newish to medium format, and haven't really been shooting film very long (8 months), but I hope long enough to know a bit more about what I am looking for. I have been studying cameras and film nightly for my own enrichment.
Was in a similar situation regarding going upto MF a while back, I ended up buying the Mamiya RB67 and it has been wonderful to use ever since!
One of my requirements was to be able to build a system around it, and the RB seemed to afford all that just right. It also wasn't so expensive that if I bought it and wanted to return it, it would be a mistake.

Also not a big fan of the Square format, I prefer a more rectangular format which made more sense with the Mamiya.

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I have my own small, low tech machine shop, and don't mind digging deep into a camera to fix something or making something up. I cant afford perfect, fancy and highly sought after equipment. However, I don't want to have to do this every time I put a roll through the camera; if I can fix it once and use it for a year or two, that sounds fine. Almost all my cameras have been through this anyway.
Given the workhorse nature of the mamiyas, that would probably suit you very well.

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I don't want some complicated electronic gizmo and an unrepairable, crappy Russian camera collection is not something I want.

Thanks! I know its a lot to read through and think about!
One more advantage with the Mamiya RB67 - everything's mechanical. No lost frames cos batteries dried out or its too cold or warm for them to work.

Add in a PC-sync adapter/PC cord and use any modern flash - at full sync speed.