Hi guys,

I would like to learn processing B&W film. Processing is super expensive here in Europe, and it looks fun and isn't that hard from what I hear. Anyway I was wondering if you could recommend good yet affordable kits with all the accessories and chemicals etc to get started. A kit with a guide would be nice.

I found this one (I'm French and it's in French but maybe you can google translate the page, or i'll try to translate it below) :
69.90 euros

1 tub AP Compact for 2 films with 2 spires[/B]
(can process 2 films 135 or 1 film 120),
1 Thermometer 0 to 45°C
1 Test tube 100ml
2 pincers for film made of plastic (one with lead),

3 Films 135 black and white 36 poses (24x36) :
Kodak Tri-X 400, Tmax 100 et Tmax 400,

1 Tetenal Ultrafin Plus 200ml (Revealer for B&W film -Révélateur film Noir et Blanc
1 Tetenal Superfix Plus 250ml (Fast fixator - Fixateur rapide),
1 Tetenal Mirasol 2000 250 ml (Wetting agent - Agent mouillant)

Also they say it's optional and not necessary but very recommended, to also get (at extra cost) this chemical :

I believe it's to avoid the pictures fading away in the long run, throughout time.

Is this pack a fair deal ? Any suggestions or other packs welcome ! Thanks a lot !