I have a big problem
I debute silver print
I have a durst laborator900 with a cls450 color head
it been 2 years since I tinker and learn by himself at home, but without much success
In fact I can not get a satisfactory contrast in my prints , there is always like a gray veil
contrast is not correct
even a grade 5 on scale of ilford and of durst ... and even fiddling
a remedy for all that I have done two things
change my bulb
take courses in enlarging at a camera club near my home
and they said me that i have the basics of technique, I can do beautiful contrasts with masking adequate and more with my own negatives
but impossible to replicate at home
is my enlarger is dead but I do not think because its appearance is nice .... like new
or I do not know how to use it
and I rather think that is the case c
so I ask for help
... thank you in adavance