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Another unmentioned option is a Kiev 88. If you think about going down that road, get one that has been overhauled by Hartblei, or one of the ARAX rebuilds. Then you'll have a reliable, functional camera, and a selection of lenses ranging from 30mm fisheye to 500mm telephoto. The real reason to buy this system is the lenses - the camera bodies may have been of questionable build integrity but the optics are every bit as good as their German cousins, at a fraction of the price.
Or a Kiev 66

You're going to get a million answers, and I admit I skimmed your long post, but yes the Mamiya 6/7's are expensive but have perfect glass! (Mamiya 7 II owner with 43mm, 65mm, and 150mm lenses).

However the RB67 / RZ67's are also great! (RZ67 II owner with 50mm, 90mm, and 180mm lenses). The Hassleblad guys will always say their lenses are better but the fact of the matter is both are similar in quality, and the Mamiya prices right now are GREAT so it's like getting a Hassy for 1/4 the price. So I support looking into an RB or RZ system.

Again I didn't see your price but I got my entire kit on eBay for around $600 if I recall.