I had to go away for some days but I am back... I just read all the responses.

For those who notice the tension, this is the photographs theme. The pain of love, anxiety of incertitude and loneness.

About the lighting split on the background, it is intentional. The background drape is folded to simulate a stage curtain. The idea is not to look at the models just as women posing but to introduce them as a piece of sculpture.

About the skin marks... Yes, I don't like it aether. I ask models to come with clothes that don't leave deep marks but some times they don't listen. And we wait for the marks desapear but it take too long time some times. It is a shame...

About the rules... I didn't know.

Thanks for the comments and maybe some of you guys could share what you have done in the nude field (But don't post your nude self portrait hehehe).

This is funny because I never had receive comments showing the tension and background wasn't clear as intentional.