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Not that I'm going to post any nude self-portraits, but what pray tell is wrong with that idea?

Some of my nude work:

I like the second and last one best.

Also I have to wonder if the OP assumes all the photographers are male? There are a few beautiful women photographers here that he might regret not seeing in a nude self portrait haha

Truthfully, the only true new that I've ever taken, was actually when I was teaching someone else about photography, and while we were there and we were shooting her nude, The light was just perfect and I just saw this chair without a seat and got an idea, I decided what the heck! However it's not a film image visual image because I only had the opportunity to use her camera, Nikon *shudder* cheap non-pro camera, it's fine in this size, but larger and you can see how bad the CA and other aspects of the lens / pixels are.

But since we are breaking the rules on this thread anyway... And since the OP requested not to post them, it's like saying "don't push the red button" haha...without further ado...