I just picked up a pair of OM-10s with manaul adapters. Both came with the usual 50mm F1.8, but the seller also included a 135mm F3.5, a 28mm F2.8, teleconverter, and the Oly 65-200mm F4. My main film camera is an OM40 and I've been wanting a second OM body; so I've been looking for a good OM-2SP or OM-4. Now I think that can wait, there's really nothing wrong with the OM-10 and a manual adapter.

I have a Vivatar Series 1 70-210mm F3.5, and I expected the Oly zoom to be similar in size. Nope, it is (comparatively) tiny. The built in hood on the zoom and the 135 are nice touches.

I'm very happy with my $40 spent