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OK, getting back to the OP question; I don't think this is really answerable, but I'll play:

645 fixed lens: Fuji rangefinders

645 interchangeable lenses: Mamiya/Pentax/Bronica

6x6 rangefinder : Mamiya 6

6x6 TLR: Rolleiflex, Minolta Autocord

6x6 SLR: Hasselblad, Bronica

6x6 “budget”: Yashica TLR, Kowa 6

6x7 fixed lens: Fuji 670

6x7 interchangeable lens rangefinder: Mamiya 7

6x7 SLR: Pentax 67, Mamiya RB/RZ67, Bronica

6x9 fixed lens: Fuji 690

6x9 “press”: Mamiya Press, baby Graflex

6x9 view camera: any view camera with a roll film back

... let the games begin!
David, this is a good start, and if each add something then we can have that thread which can be a good reference, sure it will not stop posting threads for new members, but it will help a lot in answers and even those new members may not start threads asking many questions after looking at that reference thread.

I suggest we start with one size format, then when we include most important things not necessary 100% details then we can move to another size format, let's start with 6x4.5 then 6x6 then 6x7,...etc.

In film field of MF i have only 6x6/6x7 and 6x9, i can contribute with what i have, but i am not an equipment expert, i sometimes come here to ask or find information about something i have or want to get.

How about first start by categorize the type of cameras in MF world, then we can put each type on different format sizes.