Hi everybody!

I recently moved to Northern California for college, and I put a "wanted: camera equipment" ad on my local Craigslist. So Saturday morning, I have an email stating that someone has a camera for sale, with no pictures. I reply back and receive a really bad cell phone picture of a Rolleiflex with the lens cap on, so I have no idea what lens it has. I express interest, and she tells me she's looking to get $475 for it. I don't reply, and a few hours later she emails back saying to just make any kind of offer I want. By this point I'm curious enough to drive the half hour to meet her. I also discovered that she posted in on Craigslist for $375 that evening. The next day I leave with exactly $200 in my pocket hoping for a best case-scenario of leaving with a beater Planar or Xenotar camera, and worst-case I drove an hour for a beater lower-end camera. We meet at a McDonalds in a truck stop town, and she hands me a Rolleiflex. After I figure out how to remove the lens cap, I discover that it has the Xenotar 2.8, but no built in light meter. The camera itself is in awesome cosmetic condition, but there is a bit of haze and what appear to be small fungus marks in the lenses and the lowest shutter speeds seem off. I show her these flaws and tell her that I'll probably have to spend around $150-200 to get the camera repaired, and ask if she would accept $200 for it. Lo and behold, she accepts, and I am the proud owner of a Rolleiflex 2.8C with the Xenotar lens. I can't wait until I've had it repaired and it's good to go. I put a roll of Tri-X in just to see what the results are as-is, and I hope to develop it this week.