A word of caution when using your 2.8C: when engaging the highest shutter speed (1/500th), be aware that you should not change it from or to 1/500th while the shutter is cocked. There was a separate "accelerator" spring in the shutter for that one to enable that fast of a speed, and if you change speeds while cocked, you can break the spring and jam the shutter. Go to http://www.butkus.org/chinon/rollei/...eiflex_28c.htm and download the owners manual to get a better understanding of how the camera works. The C has one great feature in its favor: the multi-bladed iris that gives a much more round aperture, which many people feel gives a more pleasing bokeh (out-of-focus rendering). The way you change apertures/shutter speeds is a quirk that takes some getting used to (I have big fingers so I found it hard to squeeze the locking lever(s) and turn the wheel(s), but your mileage may vary. Congrats on getting a great camera, though - you'll love it.