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IŽd like to hold against this that I cannot imagine you are talking about an ADOX product. If so this must be an error.
Our dealers do not usually change the cost structure originally given by us.

Mirko, I have done another more thorough check on a number of U.K. retailers and I should not have included Adox when I complained about the premium price for 4 x 25 sheet packs compared to a 100 sheet box.

I chose Adox MCP in 5x7 size as my comparison. In fact there are not enough retailers in the U.K. selling Adox paper in both 100 sheet boxes and 25 sheet packs to reach a proper conclusion. I can find only three retailers in the U.K. selling Adox paper and of those only one sells both sizes which happens to be 8x10. That retailer in fact only charges 1.18 times the price for 4x 25 sheets compared to a 100 sheet box which is by U.K. standards the lowest premium and seems reasonable as others have said.

It is a pity that none of the three retailers seem able to match their Adox prices to either Fotospeed, Kentmere or Ilford but that is not what this thread is about so I will end my comments there except to say that in Ilford MGIV RC paper, all the retailers have premiums between 1.35 and 1.73 so in the U.K. we would appear to pay a higher premium for 25 sheet packs than in other countries but this is really a separate thread.

Apologies once again for including Adox in my statement