Hello !

I just got myself a Jobo CPE-2 today, and most is in perfect working condition. But there is (of course) one small (?) problem...
The heater do not turn off, no matter what the dial is set to, at least it went from 15c to about 40c in 40minutes, even tho the temperature dial were set to the lowest possible setting, below 20c...
I guess this is either a problem with the rheostat in the temp dial OR the temperature sensor ?
Do any of you guys have had this problem ? What was the problem for you, if you solved it.

Also, where is the sensor placed ? Is it one of the two "cables" that are connected to the heating element ?
And, if it's the rheostat, is this something that would be able to buy, readily available part, or a third-party replacement part ?

Thanks for any tips or solutions ! =)