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Do you think the notes of the musical scale, or the sound used in a language are accidental? They are there because they 'strum' some sort of natural desire for order that is a part of our being and of life itself. Likewise images are composed of 'notes' that we see with our eyes.
Musical notes are rather closely tied to mathematics - so ... I don't know ... there is an arbitrarilaly chosen structure to them.... But just WHY they form what we consider to be "music" is beyond me. I'm reminded of the "dissonance" of Bartok ... that takes some getting used to ... but eventually I would call his work "music". How high it should be "valued"? ... I can't answer that.

The sounds of language ... the SOUNDS themselves? Yes, they probably orignated as random sounds ... remembered, repeated and combined into "syntax" - and associated with symbolism - they form language.
Again ... "ranking"?? I don't know ... can anyone claim that English is "better" than Swahili, or Finnish, or Navajo? Certainly, they are different ... but is one of "More Value"" than another?

Here is something to consider: Edward Weston produced a photograph, "Egg Slicer, 1930". The critics *loved* it .. they waxed on and on about the wonderful virtues and expressive symbolism of that photograph. At the same time, Weston wrote in his Daybooks that he hated that image - detested it --- considered it to be a waste of film.

So, now what??? Was it a "good" image or not?