72mm f/5.6 Schneider Super Angulon XL
in Copal Press #0
on 4x4 wooden lens board
$950 or best reasonable offer

I bought this very lightly used. It's in such good I can't find many signs of use. I can't describe any flaws in the glass because I can't find any. It's clean and clear inside and out.

There are a few tiny spots of paint loss on the lens barrels, and the lens caps show some wear.

According to a coverage chart from Schneider, it's got an image circle of 229mm, so it'll cover 5x7 with a little movements; possible movements on 4x5 are 50mm vertically and 44mm horizontally. The shutter works flawlessly, like new.

I bought this from a dealer in Hong Kong, who sent it along with no aperture scale. I eventually got a photo of the proper scale from a forum member and made my own scales based on those images. I then tested it for correct calibration using a Leitz/Gossen Microsix L meter setup -- used for microscope metering -- placing the probe at the ground glass. I've calibrated other lenses using this setup and it works.

The shutter speeds seem spot on. I'll send along shutter test results.

The front lens cap is original Schneider. The rear cap is from Polaroid and fits well.

Weighs a bit less than 1-1/2 lb, so figure 2-1/2 lbs shipping weight from 90027.

Please Note: I wait until PayPal actually clears to my bank account before shipping; this should take about 3 days. I'll email with Priority Mail delivery confirmation (tracking) number when it's shipped.