I just got delivery of my Toyo F (going by pictures on the web - the seller only knew it was a Toyo). I have since assembled the camera - surprised me with the ease in putting it together.
I then put on the tripod clamp and mounted it on the tripod only to discover that I was unable to get the spirit levels to level out at all. They always seemed to be off by a bit - I checked both standards to 0 degree tilt/shift, as well levelled out the tripod as best as I could see visually.
Didnt see any change, I then removed the whole thing off the tripod and placed it on the floor to do the same, and still couldnt get the spirit levels a-ok.

My question is - would this be a major hiccup? And what would be the way to fix this?

I did contact the seller(frm Japan), who was very nice about it, but didnt know much on fixing the camera and would only offer a refund.