I have a factory fresh and sealed box of Horizon Perfekt that I'd like to sell. I bought two for a project that didn't materialize, so this is in excess to my needs. Inside a Lomography branded box (which is not sealed), there is another box that was sealed at factory. That seal has not been broken. All the stuff that came with the camera is obviously included.

I'd like to get $250 + shipping for this.
Payment via Paypal and no need to pay as "gift"

Please be aware that:
Warranty is not likely going to be accepted by the manufacturer as I will not be able to furnish the invoice, and even IF I did, obviously, it won't show your name.
Lomography is currently selling the same camera for $349
This is a factory fresh box, once you open it, you own it.... at that point, please - no returns. But if you don't open the inside box, I'll accept return for a week of delivery.

If you really want a picture of the box, I can.....