The book "Primitive Photography" has a section on some of the classic lens designs. The assumption in the book is that you'll buy the individual elements already made (not at all far-fetched...SurplusShed sells lots of individual lens elements in many sizes and focal lengths) and build the lens from those. No Hyper- or Metro-gons, but a few classic designs that should give you a good foundation to work from. The books well worth it as the ultimate "build everything yourself from scratch" even gives detailed instructions on making your own paper negatives.

Using the book, your time, and very little money, you could be making prints using negatives you coated, shot in a camera you built with a lens that you built and a negative holder that you built. Pretty fun stuff to read even if you never intend to do any of it. And it's the ultimate antidote to digital angst...even if every supplier in the world gets out of the analog photography business, you'll be able to make pictures using the instructions in the book.

Be well.