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I noticed the other day (on my OmegaView 45D) that I could get the top bubbles level, but then I spun it around 90 degrees on the tripod head pan and it was off (I've got the upside-down A-S Monoball P0, pan on top of ballhead).
Turns out that there's some sideways-play in the clamp that clamps twixt the tripod head and the rail.
Easiest way to calibrate is to set all the standards to default, no shift/tilt/swing. Take the camera off and level the tripod head (I've got a circular-bubble on my A-S clamp). Put the camera on and then level the top bubbles using aforementioned clamp. Now I know that the top bubbles are square and true to the tripod-head bubble (at least, until I move that clamp or change rails).
I think I have the very same camera- Toyos and Omegas are just rebranded items, aren't they?
I did try taking the camera off and leveling but it proved quite impossible to do that. And yes the tripod clamp has quite a bit of play - doesn't make sense why it does.
I'll try wedging-in a piece of tissue to firm things up.

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New construction is of course quite a bit better but not perfect. Some old buildings are so out of plumb and level it's ridiculous.
How does one measure btw? Does that old weight tied to string thing work best?
Btw wouldn't successive road-work mean that buildings are out-of-whack because of that? Or maybe moved because of the ground beneath them shifting, ever so lightly?

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Actually I should have mentioned this before. My heavy tripod (for 8x10) has two tiny tubular levels at right angles, and I do use these to get the head of the tripod reasonably level when setting up - this can make a difference with a heavy camera on a ball bearing pan head meant for a newsreel camera. It's just about the only time I do use a level of any sort, for all I know the one on my 4x5 has dried up.
Ah I see. I am assuming by heavy camera you mean something much heavier than a Toyo View45/F.

Thank you all for the information. I'm feeling much better about the utility of my new purchase then!

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