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Velvia... ISO 50 in 120, right? Try f;8 and 1/2 or 1 second exposures. If you want just the burst, 1/8 to 1/4 or even shorter, but it can be hard to time just right. The exposure will be mainly determined by the aperture since the fireworks are moving, the shutter speed will determine how much "action" you record. Overexposure will wash out the colors. (I'm assuming full dark.)

Experiment and take notes.
A tad late -Diwali ended yesterday, but we might have a bit of sparkles around the 14th, will try then.

Thank you for the reminder about notes -Evernote's getting very useful there!

I did go for 1s exposure - at f3.5, then I mostly used f16, f22 and went with exposures ten seconds or more. One I kept open for a minute I think.

I tried similarly with the digital - not satisfied with what I got there, primarily because I was using wider angles and with a bit of distance the fireworks looked useless or light steaks.
So I probably screwed up going very long on the exposures?

I'll probably go handheld and slightly faster exposure times(1/8-1/30) on the mamiya next.

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