Hi Loris,

Yes I have seen those papers at some stores' online site. My limited experience with the hahnemuehle copperplate gravure paper was exactly as you described, quite absorbent and the surface was slightly damaged /abrased in wet treatment and very good dmax. I am guessing some might have more endurance depending on the printmaking process they are used. I am curious about Stan's choice of paper too


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Hi Serdar,

You can find Hahnemuehle and Magnani printmaking papers here in Istanbul. In my understanding, printmaking papers have less sizing therefore are more absorbent and fragile. OTOH, they have a wider set of color and weight choices, compared to watercolor papers. Maybe Stan can elaborate further about the whys and wherefores of his choice of printmaking papers (BFK in particular) and the specifics of working with them?