Hello, I mostly do 4x5 and develop my negatives in tray although I have a FR daylight tank but tray development seems to be more fun. I have recently bought a Pentax ME Super and try out 35mm for a while as large format is not always possible and I am missing quite a few family photo opportunities. I intend to only shoot black and white as these could be easily developed at home and more because I like the medium more than color.

I am little worried about developing the 35mm rolls as they seem a little difficult to handle. Sheets are so simple. So I am not sure of I can develop the rolls in tray or not. Hence, I was looking for some tanks, as usual there are lot out there and I am little confused. Would really appreciate if I can get some feedback on which one to buy on a budget. I saw in some ads that there was some canister opener...please advice.