Stainless reel stainless tank, like the old Nikor(?) tanks. Practice a few times before going live. The biggest thing with them untill you get a bit of time under your belt is little crimp marks on the edge of the film. I like the ones that actually have the little clip in the center to hold the end of the film,,, but it's really not needed with just a bit of care.

Plastic tanks seem like a good plan, untill you actually try to use one twice in the same day. You just can't get them dry (or at least I can't),,, then the film won't feed into the spiral.

I'm an invert figure 8 with initial hard 2 whack bubble control on the counter sort of user. With a 1/2 twist every time you pick it up to agitate. Most of the plastic tanks sort of disassemble under that sort of treatment ;-)