Dear Raffay,

If you develop a lot of film (and if it is within your budget), a Jobo CPE2+ with a 252X and the right reels (the digit represented by the X has to do with whether or not the system has a lift) is the easy way to go. You can develop 6 sheets of 4x5, two rolls of 35mm, two rolls of 120 or one of 220. The 255X tanks will get you up to 5 rolls of 35mm or 12 sheets of 4x5. Plenty of used processors and tanks are available as well as new tanks and reels. My manual tanks (stainless and plastic) have been gathering dust ever since I was able to purchase Jobo equipment.

Otherwise, have no fear. Many people develop roll film in all of the available systems. You are certainly as capable as the rest of us. If you can successfully load sheet film holders you can successfully load a reel.

Good luck,

Neal Wydra