My table looks like this:5 minute Kosher Salt/Citric acid bath, 5 minute fresh water rinse, 2 minute fixer, 2 minute fixer, 2 minute hypo clear and 30 minute wash. At this ime, I am not toning, however may when I get the current problem solved. It basically comes out of the hypo clear with no base fog and the fog develops in the wash. I albumenise the paper (arches 88) by immersion and roll the silver nitrate on with a small paint roller. I generally apply three coats on silver nitrate, drying them with cool air from a hair dryer. I'm in Corpus Christi, Texas and the tap water may be part of the problem. In December I'll move the operartion to my home where I will be using well filtered cloud juice (collected rain water.) If I don't get it sorted out before then, that may offer some relief. Bill Barber