Interesting, red rock.

wombat2go: the lever still has to be able to move freely so that it can register full aperture for focusing. The lever in the K mount camera FORCES it to be at full aperture. Thus, the impediment has to be separate from that lever in the lens.

Mustafa, at first I was truly thrilled to have, finally, an '18', but as I said the '18' is really a '28' when used on full format 35mm cameras. Still, it was a steal. Some people are sick and tired of looking at their accumulations (I wonder when I will) so I am ready to buy if, and ONLY if, it is priced at a level that I know I could get if I wanted to sell back. Again, I am lucky to be in the Philadelphia-New York area for this, as I do not think that there is a place on Earth where so many cameras and lenses were bought. - David Lyga