Hello everyone. My name is Nancy and I am a returning Apugger. I actually searched this forum for my name and found that I introduced myself here a little over 10 years ago! (I got a kick out of reading my old introduction post.) I still live in small town Kansas, near Wichita, still working as an RN, now at a substance abuse rehab. I started my journey into photography quite a few years ago shooting film and loved the learning curve and the creative outlet. Along the way I got lured into the digital world where gradually it became more about the camera and less about having fun taking photos. I have a beautiful digital SLR that I have not taken a photo with in over a year because it's just too overwhelming to mess with all the settings! I believe that I probably have about 10000 digital photos floating on some digital cloud somewhere, most never have been printed. I am really excited about getting back into film photography and having fun again! I have a couple of film cameras and a stash of really old film in my deep freeze that I've been hoarding (I hope it's still good). I'm looking forward to browsing through the forums and galleries again. It's good to be back.