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I read somewhere about a guy that taped 35mm film to the outside of a water jug (emulsion-side out) and rotated it by hand as it floated in a tray of developer, followed by stop-bath, and then fixer. That sounded inexpensive. Of course you'ld have to be perty bold (or old) to do something like that. ;-)
Good grief! Given the cost of used darkroom gear that idea sounds foolish.

Re the Paterson/SS controversy: In the past I used SS with great success, no problems loading. Now I have problems, so I've switched to Paterson. A drawback with Paterson: unless the reels are completely dry they won't load properly. Using a hair dryer can do the job pretty quickly. In any case, practice with a junk roll of film whichever system you select. Practice in the light, and then in the dark.

Have fun!