I have the following items for sale at the prices shown. I had originally approached B&H Photo and Video with them, in the hopes that they might buy from me, but that was a failure. I had noted in an e-mail to them that I don't sell on eBay, so, guess what they suggested I do with these items? Come on, guess.

You got it. Their one-line response (and they currently sell the Mamiya 250mm Lens for TLR, at $349) was as follows:
"try selling them on ebay"

Man! You gotta love that kind of professionalism and customer support in such a company!!! Well, their loss is your gain! If there's something that interests you, let me know. If you sell on eBay, perhaps you can buy and quickly flip these items for a reasonable profit!

  • Sterling Audio ST69 Tube Mic - $250; comes in a Pelican 1600 case, a $100 value on its own!
  • Pelco KBD300A Controlller Keyboard - $75; untested
  • Pelco PT280-24P Pan/Tilt Mount - $100; untested (this lists for $550 or so)
  • Prodia RM2500T 24 Input/1 Output Switcher - $100
  • Louroe ASK-4 #101 Audio Monitoring Kit - $100
  • Shure L11 Wireless Body-Pack Mics and L3 Receivers - $100 for all 3; once used by undercover police. Additional accessories will be required; contact me for more info.
  • Mitsubishi CP-910U Video Printer - $125; I installed a new roll of paper ($60), and there are 190 shots left. This would be of use to a local hospital or clinic that uses an endoscopes/colonscopes to take pix of suspicious growths. Consider it a low-cost backup unit.
  • Daiwa/Tokina MVH-2D Light Duty Pan/Tilt Mount - $25
  • Rainbow G10X16MEA TV Zoom Lens - $150 (it's $1300 new)
  • Heil PR22 Microphone Kit - $90
  • Motorola MC7598 Barcode Scanner - $250; on eBay, the card reader goes for $75-100, and the charger I bought new is $25. I've ordered a new battery to do more testing. MSRP is over $2,000.
  • Motorola MC9063 Barcode Scanner - $175; a new keypad shouldn't be that much, and it works - no enterprise software installed, but I've played Microsoft OS games and tested the scanner's laser; all good. MSRP also over $2,000.
  • Minox B camera - $75; $10 each for 3 rolls of 100 ASA B&W film, 3 rolls of 400 ASA film, and 1 each of 200, 400 and 800 ASA Color film. The exp. date was 6/10, but always refrigerated.
  • Mamiya RB67 Outfit - $275. The kit includes the RB67 Pro body; Mamiya-Sekor C 90mm/3.8 lens; Mamiya-Sekor C 127mm/3.8 lens; Pro-SD 120 Film Back (no dark slide); and a Pro-SD 220 Film Back (no dark slide)
  • Mamiya 250mm f/6.3 C Lens for TLR - $200. B&H price is $350!
  • Nikonos V Underwater Camera system - $250; kit includes the Nikonos V body; 20mm lens and associated viewfinder; 28mm lens; two (2) 35mm lenses; SB-105 flash (new; never in the water); nearly complete extension tube and wire guide set; replacement O-rings (these should be examined due to age, as should those on the body and lenses).

Pictures available upon request.