he just sounds like a typical marketeering asshat flunky. (lomo? wtf... obviously not a serious film user himself) No new info here. Clearly he has no technical insight. The whole "keep the remaining portfolio" party line is lame. The real reason that is the case is they have neither the talent nor resources to do anything else. They (alaris) couldn't develop a new emulsion if they wanted to. Hopefully EK will continue to do some R&D on film, if even only for their motion picture stuff, as the benefits may flow into the still-photography film products. That's the only hope since alaris is clearly only a bunch of sales hacks. But, at least the film is still available, fortunately. If they (alaris) actually wanted to do something other than pay lip service to their marketeering nonsense, they would start packaging Endura in cut sheets again. They actually have a chance of making that happen as they own the RA-4 plant.