We're very fortunate that Fuji still makes transparency film at all. Face it, the market for the stuff is for all intents and purposes dead. What used to sustain it was the commercial studios that shot chromes for reproduction purposes in catalogs, magazines, and other print media. Right now, print media are facing a crisis of their own and are lucky to survive, and digital capture is the means of preference for any and all publications be they in print or online due to the speed of production and transmission. That market is never coming back. Color negative film availability for us consumers (and that's what we are, just consumers, not volume shooters) is sustained at a semi-affordable price only by virtue of the volume of motion picture film stock being produced and consumed by the motion picture industry. Should that decline precipitously, you can kiss C41 goodbye, even if every single APUG member were to go out and buy a thousand rolls of Portra 160 a year.